My British geography text book 1949

This is the cover of a geography textbook used throughout my schooldays during the 1940s. It continued to be used into the 1950s, prior to my migration to Australia in April 1959.

Pages 263 to 265 in particular make for illuminating reading. They have a great deal of relevance to issues of racism that continue to hold back Australia — if it is to live up to official policy that tries to tell of a nation in which truth and the fair treatment of its first nation peoples is beyond reproach. Today’s Australians are faced with a growing dilemma. Studies…

I’m awake, I believe it sometimes — but I’m never sure if it’s yet safe enough to emerge from my safe, used to be cozy hidey-hole in the South Seas.

When will we Australians wake up?

I don’t know about you, but as I lapsed into another month of enforced isolation as a deadly virus swept across the globe, having to remain closeted in my home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, provided both time and inspiration for reflection.

As 2020 progresses, it is becoming clear that even after the current virus imposed malaise is contained, my island continent home will not return fully to what it was before. A sobering thought, no? Well, that really got me thinking, particularly as Australia since entering a new century, has become increasingly divided, leadership too often inept and confusing. …

Yippee!! got my red P license at last………

My part in a unique driver-training programme for young adults — We teach them to drive, while aiming to preserve their lives.

Note: The comments that follow, while calling for more action against road deaths on the roads of an Australian capital city, may also be applicable to issues surrounding the loss of too many young, inexperienced drivers’ lives as a result of road accidents in jurisdictions other than the Australian state of Victoria.

The purpose of this article is to highlight an urgent need to review the current range of policies and effort being directed toward reducing the problem of young driver deaths on Victoria’s roads

With over fifty years of driving experience, the past near decade of which have been…

The hopeful beachcomber

Looking back

May 1959 saw me — a young hopeful among thousands of migrants flooding into Australia from post war Europe and the British Isles. All were intent on leaving the lands of our birth for the promise of a better future on the far side of the world.

We and many others who arrived since from the four corners of the known world have put down deep roots in a vast, still relatively thinly populated island continent.

The Australia of the late 1940s and 1950s was still in the process of recovering from a debilitating war. It was an ancient land…

A disappointing progression of short term Australian leaders

Yet another Australian federal election is nearly upon us - but have we yet learned anything from the lessons of the past?

Saturday May 18th 2019, voting day, is looming large. Once again we are being compelled to follow the leaders of our various political parties, as they crisscross the continent, showering policies and vague promises of financial largesse around like confetti. They flit like busy little bees from state to state and federal seat to federal seat, along with an adoring, applauding backdrop comprised of a mob of political groupies.

Their progress, in full attack mode, is consumed with…

Now lost…..does it really matter?

Gerry Dubbin

I used to be a young Jewish boy.

I was also the second generation of Lithuanian Ashkenazi refugees, my grandparents among many thousands of Jews, who, during the early years of the 20th century fled brutal attacks, murder, rape and political disfranchisement in their then homeland. Attacks such as this, experienced over many years, forced them to leave, in a desperate search for safety and peace. They eventually found a haven after settling in the northern English city of Leeds.

My grandparents were ordinary, deeply religious, people who followed the tenets and practices…

What follows is not an amusing commentary on world affairs or a cleverly crafted piece on the lack of judgement, perceived foibles or misdemeanors of a selection of the world’s current leaders. It could though prove important to those among us who may be thinking that bowel (colon) cancer is something that afflicts other people…….

If the description fits you………..then THINK AGAIN!

Colorectal Cancer statistics | World Cancer Research Fund International

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide, with nearly 1.4 million new cases diagnosed in 2012. … About two thirds of colorectal cancer cases occur in countries characterised by high or very high indices of…

Can someone please tell me what real interest or enduring value and relevance to my country, Australia, will the celebrations in Britain of the nuptials between a glamorous American TV star and Queen Elizabeth’s grandson add to the country’s interests, well-being and future aspirations?

In my recent book, “My escape to Terra Australis”, I detailed some of reasons why I, a post-war immigrant from Britain, saw my departure from Britain as a welcome escape from the place of my birth. It was a time when many others were arriving from the British Isles, even more from continental Europe. We all…

Gerry Dubbin

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