Gerry Dubbin
16 min readJun 21, 2022

A Very ordinary Australian punter.
I am also one among 24 odd million others, and a reasonably long-time resident on this wide, brown land, under the tropic of Capricorn. Regardless of which part of the political spectrum we Australians might individually lean toward, most have become utterly disgusted with the deception, lies, lack of integrity and vision of those who have wielded power over us, and the world in general, for decades………More particularly these days, we Australians have become even more anxious at the direction world affairs appear to be taking us………

One Step forward and two backward…….
We frustrated and angry Australian citizens, recently emerged from a period wherein politics and cemented-on backward looking ideas prevailed. To cap it all, we found ourselves being governed by an incompetent, ruling coalition — a government that failed dismally to grapple with a number of important, growing issues. It lacked direction, as its combination of two political parties, Liberals and Nationals, quibbled and jostled among themselves. Led by a Prime Minister, Scott Morrison — himself a self-declared Pentecostal Christian, we found our highest office being occupied by a man who, on his election to government in 2019, stated that he was a “Believer in Miracles”.

The whole sorry mess continued over the three past years, a period that drove the country ever deeper in debt, while successfully lowering Australia’s long-held reputation as a vibrant, welcoming society, down to a level more recognisable among some of the world’s more recalcitrant regimes.

For the past three and a half years, our local miracle worker’s greatest achievement was to generate disruption and distrust in government, and growing discontent added to a lower standard of living among an increasing segment of the population. He will most likely be rememberred mainly for his decision to decamp to Hawaii in order to strum his ukalele in the sun. All this while Eastern Australia burned under massive bushfires, close to Christmas 2019, during a series of national disasters that saw a vast swathe of Australia’s east and south-eastern coastal regions devastated by fire. Fire soon to be closely followed by floods.

Gerry Dubbin

I write mainly on subjects and issues relating to the ongoing governance, international posture and foreign policy implications facing my country — Australia.