• Matthew John

    Matthew John

    Communist. Herbivore. Husband. Artist. I primarily write about politics and history. My work has also been published by The Hampton Institute.

  • Rational Take

    Rational Take

    Politics and culture commentary. Mourning the death of intellectual honesty on all sides.

  • Ray Veguilla

    Ray Veguilla

    Health and motivation tips from experience + research. More writing: https://linktr.ee/rayveguilla

  • Bard Papegaaij

    Bard Papegaaij

    Bard is a philosopher, writer, practitioner and teacher with a deep compassion for the human condition and a burning desire to help people live better lives.

  • Nabeel Sabbagh

    Nabeel Sabbagh

  • Benjamin Olaide

    Benjamin Olaide

    Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, #Bitcoin,#Bounty,#Crypto,#Followback,PLEASE FOLLOW ME FIRST, I WILL FOLLOW YOU BACK.

  • Kirsty Hutton

    Kirsty Hutton

    Founder of marketing agency, Style Publishing | Obsessed with marketing | Children’s book author | Journalist | Personal Trainer | Degrees in Law and Media

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