The Monarchial Merry-go-round once again creaks into motion.

Gerry Dubbin
6 min readDec 13, 2022
Sparing a tear for a little (extremely rich) old lady who has recently passed by

It may have by now escaped your attention, but, just a few weeks ago, a very rich and powerful old lady, known by many as “Your Majesty”, the owner of a variety of the most expensive prime real estate, and possessor of lots of top quality ‘bling’, both acquired across the length and breadth of the British Isles and pilfered over the years from past colonies and other conquests across the world. In short — the much revered, and loved monarch known as Queen Elizabeth ll, recently departed this life.

But how could you have avoided the flood of sometimes over-the-top, boringly repeated and often sickeningly embellished TV presentations, commentary and “expert” prognostications, intimate titbits, and much more, that emerged after her going. Every aspect of her life enlarged upon and analysed up and down and from back to front, following the long expected demise of the world’s richest and powerful great-grandma? The longest reigning monarch to sit on the throne of Britain’s rapidly diminishing colonial empire is gone. So too is a rapidly disappearing empire, that over recent years has become diluted down to a shadow of its once majestic, all powerful self. A past empire, now but a conglomerate of independent states, known affectionately as the “Commonwealth”.

I don’t know about you, but for me during the following weeks following waking during the night for my now regular necessity to pass water(brought on I might add from now having entered the autumn of my stay on planet Earth), even the turning on of my bedside radio in an effort to get back to dreamy-land, following my latest visit to the loo, only managed to access what continued to be an almost continuous re-broadcast of the same boringly repetitive stuff over TV and radio, the TV versions delivered by black-clad presenters. People who, for day after boring day, tried their very best to look as if they had lost their own granny — few even a little convincing, as they read the news, or presented their media conglomerate’s particular brand of programming, during the elongated period of official mourning.

Charles’s long wait

Not only that, but in addition to all that, we were, at the same time being subjected to equally, perhaps even more detailed descriptions, opinions and emergence…

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